• BG10k Steel Cord Rip Detector

    BG10k Steel Cord Rip Detector

  • BG5k Fabric Belt Rip Detector

    BG5k Fabric Belt Rip Detector

  • Belt Scanner Condition Monitoring

    Belt Scanner Condition Monitoring

  • Belt Scanner Portable Monitoring

    Belt Scanner Portable Monitoring

  • Remaining Cover Thickness

    Remaining Cover Thickness

  • Portable Cover Thickness

    Portable Cover Thickness


Belt Guard Condition Monitoring Systems

For Steel Cord and Fabric Conveyor Belting.


For more than 30 years, Beltscan has been providing the materials handling industry with conveyor belt monitoring and condition monitoring systems to help conveyor belt operators maximise the safe working life of their belting


Focusing on non-contact, non-evasive monitoring solutions, Beltscan has continued to develop state-of-the-art equipment for scanning and monitoring modern conveyor belting. From Rip Detection to Cover Thickness, the Belt Guard range of products form an all-in-one monitoring solution.

Rip Detection

Rip Detection

The Belt Guard® BG10k is a sophisticated high-end ultrasonic based longitudinal belt Rip Detector for use on steel cord belting. Its function is to detect the presence of a longitudinal rip and stop the conveyor so that the length of the rip is minimised. No loops or antennae are required and if they are fitted, they do not effect the operation of the device.

Steel Cord Belting

The Belt Guard® BG5k is a non-contact belt Rip Detector designed for use primarily on Fabric belting. It is a robust and inexpensive Rip Detection solution and offers belt mistracking (wander) measurement as a powerful additional feature.

Fabric / Textile Belting

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

The Belt Scanner MF is a high resolution non-contact Condition Monitoring system for steel cord belting. Designed to be permanently installed on the target conveyor, it constantly analyses the belt 24/7 for any change in damage. With Disastrous Event Detection and Programmed Parking features, the Belt Scanner MF is leading the field in condition monitoring.

Online / Fixed System

A portable version is also available that allows the scanning of multiple belts but does not include some of the features of the fixed version above. It is powered via a 5v USB port and comes with data acquisition software.

Portable System

Cover Thickness

Cover Thickness

The Belt Guard RCT Alpha is an on-line remaining cover thickness measurement device for steel cord belting. Permanently installed on a running conveyor, it provides on-demand belt cover thickness measurements, to an on-line portal or to a SCADA system via 4-20mA outputs.

Online / Fixed System

The CC222 is an on-the-spot portable cover thickness device used on stationary steel cord belts during maintenance shuts. It is an inductive device, uses no coupling medium and is not affected by temperature or varying rubber compounds.

Portable System

BG Central

Centralised software management for Belt Guard Devices.

Belt Guard Central Software

24/7 Access to Data

All Belt Guard devices are networked and available online.

Multiple Platform Support

Devices and software can be accessed on a range of platforms including; Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & BlackBerry.

Belting Statistics

Belting statistics can be accessed in real-time as well as downloaded in PDF format.

Programmed Parking

A feature of the Belt Scanner can park the belt in a chosen location via any platform with network access.

Health Monitoring

The health of each system can be monitored in real-time and alerts can be sent to personnel via e-Mail or SMS.

Scheduled Downloads

Automatic downloads of data and reports can be scheduled or produced on-demand.

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